The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you've got it made.

We're just your local, globally renowned agency - full of traditional, out of the box thinkers.
People say we’re formulaic. We say, what’s wrong with a formula? It worked for Einstein.


Define Your Budget

We work to understand what you need, then tell you what you really need: everything. We’ll show you our awards, oh and buy you champagne until you're drunk enough to sign the contract.

Process Your Payment

This bit’s really important. We make our payment process simple, so there’s really no excuse not to pay us. Up front. No refunds.

And We're Off...

We give you the full spit shine treatment. If you aren’t happy, well, that’s why we have expensive laywers. Now, who's next?...
Want to look exactly like this?

All our websites are copy/paste. Because it’s easier (and you won’t notice).

Stay one step ahead of your customers

We can create a strategy aligned with your KPI objectives that will give you internal kudos, a feeling of self-importance and a reason to increase your customer prices just to stay afloat.

Get schmoozed and feel good about yourself!
Bragging rights – you’re using an overpriced agency, hooray!
Feel safe in the knowledge that we’re big (and rich!)
Pass on the cost of your brand to you customers! Everyone wins (except them).


Our average fee to win you (actually, us!) an award


Of our stats are made up on the spot


Of our clients didn’t go bankrupt by working with us


We’re a ‘top 5’ agency* *According to our website.


Some common financial FAQs

What results should I expect for my money?

Results are never guaranteed and ours aren’t even promised. Let us focus on being good salespeople and wow you with our pretty pictures and we’ll let you worry about saving that sinking ship.

What if we go bust during the process?

As we always say – “you’ve got to spend money, to make money”. Saying that, we don’t like spending money other than on Champagne and on our expert team of expensive lawyers and bailiffs. They are here to help recover all of the money you owe us, so that if you do go bust, at least one of us is happy.

What payment plans are available?

We offer payment plans for all of our clients. At the beginning of our contract, we will provide you with a plan for how to pay us, which you will follow. This involves 100% payment up-front. No take backs. No refunds. Ker-ching!

What our totally legit customers are saying

A Person

Chief Executive Officer
They totally screwed the pooch, but it’s not like I can afford to go back and get them to do it again, so I guess it’ll do.

An important person

Managing Director
I don’t think that’s what I asked for, is it?

A very important person

Marketing Director
No I won’t give a testimonial to your agency, who are you anyway?

Want a deal? We pitch for FREE!

Though you'll pay dearly for it later...

We'll take you for a real ride...
We think that working with us is a privilege and you will too.* We look forward to winning you, so that we can claim that you belong to us.

* Before working together, we feel it’s right to make sure that we’re a good fit. You’ll be subject to a credit, dental and full medical checkup. If you’re the one championing us, thank you. We highly recommend that you also purchase professional indemnity insurance. You might need it.

Chaz ‘Le-Boss’ Chadson